Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is your computer mouse good?

This used to be a mystery until I found a solution few years ago. And it is proven good by myself.
The brand, A4tech. Taiwan brand.

My computer and my family's are/were using OP-720 p/s2 port mouse for quite some years already. They are still functioning though.

This is the picture: I get this mouse at RM25 years ago.

My brother owned a silver model, I owned a black one, and my family computer is installed with another black mouse. All of them are working well, even the left-click button sounds properly. You know, the clicking sound may go off after few months.

Just to emphasize it: I am a heavy DotA gamer, and this mouse accompanied me for more than 6 years, including those days I stepped into DotA world, yet it is still FUNCTIONING properly! You can imagine how many millions of clicks I had use on it.

I know they are just a normal 800dpi mouse. If you want something more than that, this model is not what you want. Yea, OP720 is not available in market anymore. So here I recommend this newer model, I trust this one: OP-620D.

Currently on sale at RM17/18 with USB cable.