Thursday, April 1, 2010

VLSI - the aftermath

"It's a good subject to learn MOSFETs and worth to take, all in all." - Kah Chiat

6.20pm. Here, in front of the computer desktop, I would like to thanks all my friends taking VLSI Design subject with me, although we are just third year second semester students.

From the day we stepped into the VLSI class, and I started to know whom Sir Azrul is, I begin to like this subject since it's the extension of digital logic design subject (however it's also the expansion of EI and EII subject as well, not to say). Oh well, maybe I'm just used to those binary stuffs, I feel that the subject is easy to catch. Never mind, Sir Azrul is there when you really start from zero.

And... Oops! I like the mid-term! It's open-book! This VLSI test is the first open book test that I had ever encountered. Yet... It's not like what we can deal with though we have our book as reference since the time is limited. Therefore, average marks become the result.

Erm... Assignments. A lot. LOL. Don't worry, Sir Azrul is ready to help us when we need it. Yes, we really need it. And help is always there as long as we did prepare our assignments. Thanks to him. Oh ya, I like the stick diagram although I always come out with mistakes.

What else? The final exam of course. Wow, the weightage is being set on transmission gates this time. If we're wrong, 20++ marks will fly away to nowhere. Actually, by counting out the trick for the transmission gate, the whole final should be cheesecake, ya , that makes us grin from ear to ear. Yet... Or, I shall take my words back, see how my final result is 1st before I deduce it.

What I found out from this subject is, it really requires a lot of hardmanship and cooperation from all of the group members. It's impossible to do all those stuffs alone, from the head to toe, erm, which means, from the abstraction into some concrete idea, from system level design to the layout design, discussions among members, etc etc. Thus I can conclude that this VLSI design subject may become a foundation for me before stepping into Final Year Project arena.

The whole thing is just my expression, after all.

Saw Kah Chiat