Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do not lose your data because of formatting windows!

There are a few cases happening around me: because formatting the Windows OS is the easiest way to fix, those working in computer service center keep urging customers to format all their data (maybe just the c drive, but the drive can mean everything too).

*this works for all drives and folders being locked up - cannot access them by default*

I usually boot Ubuntu from pendrive to attain all the datas into another external HDD. It is that simple to know the concept.

To regain the permission for all locked drives/folders, in terminal (Linux version of Command Prompt),
1. Type "sudo passwd root", then enter.
2. Type any password you want, even "123456" works.
3. Log out of current session, then log in as "root" - which means administrator.
4. You can access all the locked drives and folders. It's time to copy them out into safe locations.

Ubuntu is that good. *Winked*

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't throw them away!

If you have technology waste, whether usable or not, do not simply throw them away!
Go to to send your request and sell your components!

For usable stuffs, of course you can sell for a better price. They even accept old processor and motherboards for around RM10+ each.

For those just left only for recycle purpose, you can get the scrap value too.

And one thing for surprise, they accept everything! Simply everything including the old printers, dial-up modem and spoiled harddisk.

And they have service to repair harddisk if you want to recover it.