Friday, March 25, 2011

How to regain My Documents for formatted windows

Especially when you had your password locked on your previous documents,
and the previous windows was corrupted.

Now the document is there, you need to regain the permission.
Please, use this only because you're the owner. Do not abuse.
God is watching you.

-Credit to a website I've forgotten-
take ownership of the tree structure as the 'old' machine permissions are not understood by the new one.

from explorer, if xp pro, tools/folderoptions/view and uncheck 'use simple file sharing'

then go to the top level of the old docs & settings and do rclick sharing&security. there u'll see the 'advanced' button. click it and u'll find the 'owner' tab.

use owner tab to 'add' u'r current account and/or u'r current administrator. check the 'replace on subcontainers' checkbox and OK u'r way out.