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Dialing up 2 Streamyx accounts using the same phone line

If you are lucky enough

to have 2 TMnet Streamyx accounts,

and you wish to dial both of them using same telephone line,

the answer is: You CAN do so!

These are the experiments that I’ve done with:

Experiment 1: (Success, no drawback)


1 x 5 port LAN switch – such as DLink DES-1005A

1 x modem – such as Riger DB102

1 x wireless LAN router – such as DLink DIR-300

Insert the telephone cable into modem

LAN port of modem is connected to switch port

One of switch’s LAN port is connected to router internet port

Switch’s other LAN ports can be connected to computer that is used to dial the second line.

Maybe can be more than 2 lines, each computer only can dial-up 1 line

Modem’s function must be set as ‘bridge’

that means we need to manual dial-up.

For wireless router, we can set it to auto-dial mode.

Computer which is connected to switch can dial-up the other account then!

NoteThis computer is not in the same network as the other computers connected by router.

Experiment 2: (Success, but not fully success, side effect is wireless instability)


1 x wireless modemlike – Innacomm W3100

1 x LAN switchlike - DLink DES-1005A

The hardware setup is like usual.

Telephone line is plugged to wireless modem

Wireless modem’s LAN port is connected to switch LAN port

Switch LAN port is connected to all computers.

Only static IP address can be used here.

Again, wireless modem is set as ‘bridge’.

Now, make one computer as host

Host computer must be connected to switch using LAN cable.

Dial-up Properties setting is as figure below:

Example of Host IP configuration:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: following own IP address

Example for those computers that connect internet through the host computer:

same for wireless

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: following host’s IP address

To dial-up another account,

the computer’s IP address needs to be static too, as below:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: -

I’ve tried both these methods.

For the second one, it is working,

but I’m not sure whether is

Innacomm W3100 wireless modem’s problem

Computers connecting using wireless keep disconnecting,

Damn it ><

If you’ve tried the 2nd experiment,

and if your wireless network is stable,

do tell me which equipment(s) are you using,

and how you make it~

Now I wish make an advertisement:

Who has extra wireless router (I don’t want Wireless Modem Router)to be lent out?

Or having wireless router

But only need one LAN device to surf internet,

do contact me please~~

Thank you.


DotA maniac

p/s: Some people ask for reason doing this way,

the advantage is

one line does not affect the other line.

While one is downloading heavily

another computer using the second line does not feel the lagness.

同一个电话线上两个Streamyx Account


拥有两个TMnet Streamyx Account




实验1: 100%成功,没副作用)


1 x 5 port LAN switch – 譬如DLink DES-1005A

1 x modem – 譬如Riger DB102

1 x wireless LAN router – 譬如DLink DIR-300


ModemLAN port 接去switch port

Switch 其中一个 LAN port 接去router internet port

Switch其他的LAN port可接去要用第二个streamyx account的电脑



即是必须manual dial-up

Wireless Router的设定可以是 auto-dial或是manual-dial



By default是没在同一个network



1 x wireless modem,譬如 – Innacomm W3100

1 x LAN switch,譬如 - DLink DES-1005A

Hardware setup跟平时一样

电话线接去wireless modem

Wireless modemLAN port接去switch LAN port

Switch LAN port接去全部电脑。

这里要用static IP address

Wireless Modem也是设定成Bridge


作为host的电脑必须用LAN cable

Dial-up Properties的设定如下图:

Host IP address 等设定例子:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: (跟回自己的IP address

其他要通过host上网的电脑 IP address等等设定例子:


IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: (跟HostIP address

Dial-up另外一个account用的电脑最好也是static IP,如下:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: -



Innacomm W3100 wireless modem的问题










谁有多余的Wireless Router (我不要Wireless Modem Router)可以借我?

或者是有Wireless Router





DotA 发烧友